Why To Сhoose a Software Tester Career?

Computers and software have long been an integral part of our lives. So most of the modern professions are related to IT either way. One of the perspectives is a QA Engineer. The software testing industry has started to gain momentum relatively recently, but it is already a quite promising direction in the world of IT.

So here are 5 reasons to choose a career as a QA engineer

1. Importance and responsibility. Every software tester understands the value of his contribution: he makes the world a bit better with every bug he finds. Timely testing very often plays a crucial role in maintaining the security of user data.

2. Creativity. Since its inception, testing is not standing still. It constantly replenishes with new approaches. For example, since the mobile application must work correctly on any mobile device, you need to use dozens of types of gadgets with different operating systems and their versions to test it. The same goes for cross-browser testing, which is performed on all types of browsers to accurately detect bugs in web applications. So you can find some space for creativity in everything.

3. Constant development. When working in the software testing field, you should be prepared to hone your professional skills regularly. Courses for testers, professional literature, conferences, and workshops with colleagues, expert blogs will help. The most important thing is to have a desire to improve your results.

4. Your opinion is worth its weight in gold. The secret of the tester’s success is that he thinks and acts on behalf of a potential user. For this reason, his opinion and experience are highly valued in the planning and development of software.

5. No localization. Some software testing companies allow their QA specialists to work remotely, so the tester can create a comfortable work environment for himself.