TOP-10 Best Powerful Tools for automated regression testing in 2021

Do you know what is one of the most unfavourite types of testing for the majority of QA engineers? Yep, that’s it! Regression testing (RT). It can be really challenging, complicated, and even hardly boring sometimes (NO).

Due to these prejudices, Regression testing is like a monster under the bad of each testing engineer. But our QATestLab Team doesn’t like conditionality and labels. Besides we have some arguments against it. And the strongest one is the automation of regression testing.

Tools for automation make this process easier, faster, and more transparent. But here are some questions:

“What are the most powerful of them? How do they work and how to choose the right one?”

Grab some popcorn, share it with your underbead monster and study our TOP-10 list of best Tools for automated regression testing.

What is RT For?

To understand what tools are the best we need to return to basics. The main goal of Regression Testing is to verify the functionality of the software after making changes to it. Regression errors are the bugs, that appear in an already tested product after adding a new program section to an existing build or after fixing some bugs. 

So QA engineers need to ensure that new changes and fixes don’t affect the old functionality. This is a rather time-consuming and meticulous process, but automation can make everything fall into place much easier.

While choosing one of the visual regression testing tools be sure those primary features are included:

  1. Recording and playback. Any regression testing provides for going back and recheck one more time. Such an option (usually presented as a browser extension) allows recording all actions and can automatically generate test scripts when they are needed. 
  2. Scriptless approach. Sure QA testers typically write scripts themselves. But why deny tools that already have written in advance standard coding scripts engineers can use. They allow avoiding inventing the bicycle again and simplify work using the ready decision.
  3. Working on one server. Usually, most tasks need the involvement of more than one QA engineer. In such cases working on a server is rational. The continuous integration tools offer a comfortable environment for working together on a single host.

Best Powerful Tools 


TestingWhiz is a codeless and intuitive automation testing tool with 290 predefined test commands. So you don’t need to worry about coding for the web, mobile, and cloud apps. It helps you to automate regression testing by recording all test steps and allows you to postpone the test cases and run them whenever you need it. 


Great test automation tool that is simple to use and easy to learn. It helps to evaluate product functionality fast, with minimal technical effort, and without writing and maintaining code. SahiPro is cross-browser, suits for Desktop applications, Java applets, Web services, and Mobile applications. It has friendly record/playback functionality, object tracking, as well as some built-in frameworks.


It is a functional automated platform for testing desktop, web, and mobile applications with an intelligent object repository and support for over 500 controls. As both previous tools, it helps to record, script, or manually create operations, and can be used for automated playback and error logging. But also it allows testing with Python, and most types of scripting languages like JavaScript, and JScript

Ranorex Studio

78% efficiency increase over manual testing. Ranorex is one of the most favorable tools for regression testing.  Powerful object recognition, shareable object repository, source control, codeless automation, and reliable GUI object recognition are the main advantages.  Integrates with Jira, TestRail, and more.


It is the “TOP-MustHave-Substantial-and so on” tool for all QA engineers in all scenarios. It helps to automize testing and supports all up-to-date browsers like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh. The reason for the popularity is simple: it has a rich software library in different programming languages.

Silk Test

This tool offers functional test automation for web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications. It is based on the Object-Oriented Programming method and can successfully perform regression techniques on all machines and nodes. Flashing conversion of scripts from text to GUI commands is one more sake. 


QuickTest Professional supports Oracle, Java, SAP, and other frameworks and languages. It is best suited for automated regression testing of the applications (mobile also) and helps QA engineers to perform it seamlessly, without monitoring, once script development is complete. It uses Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) for developing automated scripts. Easy to use, does not require a highly skilled coder, elementary results validation, and Report generation.


Software platform (advanced framework and add modules) for automation of regression testing of web applications. It helps in writing test scripts in Java with extended API and provides both Record and Playback features. actiWATE can execute tests even without a browser, simply emulating the required environment.


The most important features of Record and Playback available here also. Cloud QA requires no or low coding and helps with easy and fast automation of regression testing. OS integrates with tools like Jira, BugTracker, Slack, SMS, Github, and so on. 


Testimony is another tool for comprehensive regression testing. Mainly it is used for SAP (System Applications and Products) to increase the quality of changes.  It creates and updates a comprehensive regression test library to eliminate slow manual processes. Also, it can automatically suggest a defect list, categorized by module and criticality, provides Real-time Status Monitoring, and offers a wide range of real user behavior. 

So now you have instruments that will help you to immerse in QA and can make your regression testing automated and easier. But yet there is so much to learn!

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